Spectrum Compact CE System

Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Anaysis on your Benchtop.

The Spectrum Compact Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) System is a very efficient benchtop instrument that brings you the independence to perform techniques such as Sanger sequencing and fragament analysis in your laboratory, under your control and at your convenience. It is compatible for use with the new ProDye Terminator Sequncing System and Existing Sanger sequencing chemistries. In addition the platform can support the use of short tandem repeat (STR) kits from Promega and other commercial sources.

One small but mighty instrument:


  • Convenient size designed to fit on your bench top
  • Optimised for a broad range of aplications including Sanger sequencing, cell line authentication and mixed sample analysis
  • Separate comsumable cartrighes for consumable waste

Pre-loaded assays for many commercially available Sanger sequencing and STR kits