The Molecular Biology Division of Anatech supplies a range of quality equipment and consumable products to the life sciences market in Southern Africa. Being the most recent business unit established at Anatech, the Molecular Biology Division is proud to be the preferred distributor of established brands such as Promega, Nanostring, cell signaling, ACEA Biosciences, Trinean, Biometra, Santa Cruz, Eurofins for high quality Genomics, Proteomics, Cellular and Genetic Identity Products.

Through these suppliers a wide range of quality products including Real-time PCR Instrumentation, Conventional PCR Instrumentation, DNA extraction kits, PCR master mixes, pathogen detection kits, and enzymes for molecular biology are provided.

Anatech only aligns itself with credible suppliers providing products with excellent specifications and proven reliability. As these product ranges continue to expand, the vision of becoming Southern Africa’s leading supplier of Molecular Biology products is being realized.