Anatech Instruments have a complete range of tools to cover water and electrochemistry. We have successfully serviced this industry for over 15 years and are leaders in the analysis of organics and inorganics in water. Anatech has the expertise to offer credible advice on water analysis equipment, supported by the availability of a variety of different instrumentation options to suit the needs of most types of analyses.

Anatech’s scope is wide and includes the following:

  1. Automated nutrient analysis: this includes phosphate, ammonia, chloride, sulphate, nitrate, nitrite. Lachat Instruments, ThermoFisher aquakem and gallery.
  2. Automated in-line analysis: total cyanide, WAD cyanide, total phenol, total nitrogen, total phosphate Lachat Instruments.
  3. ICP-OES;ICPMS ThermoFisher.
  4. pH and conductivity systems, Ion selective meters Radiometer.
  5. Discrete analysers Thermofisher Aquakem,gallery.
  6. Flow injection analysers Lachat Instruments.
  7. Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen(TKN) Lachat Instruments.
  8. GCMS for volatiles, semi volatiles, THMs Thermofisher.For method/analyte specific information