Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

Liquid Chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) combines chromatography with mass spectrometry. This enables confident identification and deep mining of a vast range of compounds that includes small molecules, environmental contaminants, drug metabolites, pesticides, and protein complexes. High resolution, accurate mass (HRAM) data can be acquired using the novel Thermo Scientific ™ Orbitrap ™ based mass spectrometers. These Orbitrap mass spectrometers include the Q-Exactive, Q-Exactive Focus, Q-Exactive Plus, Q-Exactive HF, and Fusion. These instruments enables specificity and high confidence due to the exceptional high resolving power producing HRAM data.

Orbitraps also offer excellent dynamic range and sensitivity for deep mining into compounds of small molecules as well as proteomes with excellent performance. The Exactive series HRAM Mass spectrometers are benchtop mass spectrometers with excellent resolution that allows identification, quantification and confirmation of compounds. These HRAM Mass spectrometers are routinely used in research laboratories for qualitative and quantitative work in proteomics, metabolomics, doping labs, pesticide detection, forensic and toxicology screening, environmental and food safety screening, clinical research and drug development. The Orbitrap Fusion is a tribrid instrument that combines a quadrupole, dual-pressure ion trap, ion-routing multipole and Orbitrap all in one instrument.

This allows collision induced dissociation (CID), higher collision induced dissociation fragmentation (HCD), electron transfer dissociation (ETD) and HRAM detection using the Orbitrap. Optionally internal calibration can be added for increased sensitivity and selectivity. This high end instrument allows in-depth analysis of small molecules and extreme mining of all biological systems used for proteomic applications. Detailed structural information using MSn can be obtained in any of the analysers for ease of use. Using a combination of CID-HCD, HCD-CID, and HCD-HCD combined with MSn, fragment ions can be detected with any of the mass analysers to obtain detailed structure determination of metabolites, glycans and and other small molecules.

The additional ETD source is also ideal for determination of post-translational modifications (PTM’s) that include phosphorylation, methylation and glycosylation. The high scan speed and exceptional resolution enables deep mining into the proteome of any biological sample, enabling proteomic applications using shorter gradients. The Orbitrap Fusion is a must have mass spectrometer for any research lab doing structural elucidation, metabolomics and proteomics.