Following Anatech’s success in Chromatography, further expansion was inevitable. Over a decade has passed since the launch of Anatech’s Life Sciences and Microbiology Business Unit, with the introduction of Scharlau culture media at its outset.

The Life Sciences and Microbiology unit, being highly successful, has since expanded to cover both consumable and instrument requirements ranging from conventional microbiological products, micro-lab automation, rapid techniques and research tools. This diverse range of products has allowed Anatech to effectively serve a number industries including food, environmental, industrial, pharmaceutical and research to name a few.

Some of the products provided include:

  • Rapid Microbial analysers for water, bioburden, raw materials and finished products.
  • Microbial Identification.
  • Phenotypic Microbial Characterization.
  • Hygiene Monitoring and Allergen Testing.
  • Automation – from sample preparation to colony counting.
  • Culture media – conventional and chromogenic.
  • GMO and Mycotoxin kits.
  • ATCC derived Cultures (QC organisms – qualitative and quantitative).
  • Antibiotic testing for meat and milk.
  • Dairy Analysers.