As is the norm when one enters a new year, the expectations of exciting new changes and ending of eras always takes centre stage.

And so is the case with the retirement of the NicoletTM X700 Series.

Although it is an end of a good era, it is also the beginning of modern new technology, increased efficiency and robustness in the form of the Thermo ScientificTM NicoletTM iS5, Summit, iS20 and iS50.

To close this chapter, Anatech is offering a 20% trade in discount, on your old FTIR spectrometer, for the new Thermo ScientificTM NicoletTM iS20 or iS50.

 Trade-in ANY existing make or model FTIR spectrometer for a NEW Thermo ScientificTM NicoletTM iS20 FTIR Spectrometer and SAVE 20%

Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer Features:

  • Accurately identify multi-component samples with advanced LightDriveTM optical engine technology
  • Reduce the number of steps it takes to create and run workflows. A multi-colored LED touch panel provides visual feedback on run, idle and alert modes for increased productivity
  • Thermo Scientific™ LightDrive™ Optical Engine comes with 10-year warranties on the interferometer, laser, and IR source
  • Seamlessly transfer methods, workflows, and libraries to the latest version of Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Software. The OMNIC Anywhere cloud-based FTIR software allows users to analyse data away from the instrument, on any device, anytime
  • The Nicolet iS20 spectrometer is compatible with hundreds of commercially available accessories such as TGA-IR module and external microscopes to adapt to challenging sample needs
Trade-in ANY existing Thermo ScientificTM NicoletTM X700 Series (4700, 5700, 6700, 8700) FTIR Spectrometer for a NEW Thermo ScientificTM NicoletTM iS50 FTIR Spectrometer and SAVE 20% Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer Features:
  • Engage your most powerful sampling technique anytime with the built-in ATR that is rugged, fast and always ready to go.
  • Automatic beam splitter changing measures multiple aspects of your sample automatically
  • Targeted analysis with a full range of standard accessories, integrated iS50 Raman accessory and dedicated NIR
  • Use definitive TGA-IR to automatically resolve and identify complex gas mixtures evolved from the TGA experiment by the Mercury TGA software.
  • Uniquely identify stereochemistry and trace chemicals with streamlined GC-IR
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