• Confident Quantitation – A new level of confidence

    Confident Quantitation – A new level of confidence
    20 May 2019

    Introducing the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Fortis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

    The TSQ Fortis triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is the newest addition to the latest-generation Thermo Scientific™ triple quadrupole mass spectrometers that offer confident quantitation every day, for every lab and every user. With its robust and innovative design, the TSQ Fortis MS offers:

    Increased analysis of compounds
    Superior productivity for quantifying hundreds of compounds of all types—in any matrix, by any user.

    Simplicity and ease-of-use
    Users of all expertise levels can easily operate the TSQ Fortis, enabling acquisition of high-quality data.

    Enhanced data confidence
    Equipped with an OptaMax™ NG API source, matrix separator ion guide, ion beam guide with neutral blocker, and segmented quadrupoles the TSQ Fortis is designed to deliver robust performance that prolongs instrument uptime.

    Speed with selectivity and sensitivity
    The TSQ Fortis delivers excellent quantitative performance in both SRM and H-SRM modes, even when operated at short dwell times.

    The intuitive software package is designed to ensure ultimate productivity. The simple maintenance allows easy clean-up of the ion transfer tube without breaking the vacuum. High speed and automation addresses hundreds of samples per day, or hundreds of transitions per sample. The software also provides application-based templates to assist in the simplification of method development and operation.

    The TSQ Fortis seamlessly integrates with industry-leading quantitation software, HPLCs and UHPLCs. Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ software is available on all applications, from method development to report generation.

    For more information contact Zelda Roch on 011 462 6776 or

    Please join as at analytica Lab Africa on 9-11 July 2019, Hall 3 Stand D02.

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