• Quality control – Your Company’s reputation depends on it.

    Quality control – Your Company’s reputation depends on it.
    25 May 2016

    The development and implementation of a sound quality-control program is integral to maintaining quality standards and meeting regulatory requirements. Manufacturers must thoroughly test materials, processes, equipment, techniques, environments and personnel in order to ensure their final products are consistent, safe, effective and predictable.

    QC microorganisms can be used in the following procedures:

    *Test new batches of dehydrated and ready-made media

    * Personnel change / Training – competence issues

    * Introduction of new techniques and equipment

    *Growth promotion testing

    *Testing of reagents, dyes, biological material, ready-to –use test kits and immunological reagent


    * QC for susceptibility testing

    * Microbial assay of vitamins, amino acids and antibiotic assay media.

    QC microorganisms can be obtained through various ways, including in-house collection of organisms, local culture collections as well as commercial preparations

    If possible, in-house collection of QC standards should be avoided. This is an expensive method and requires both molecular and phenotypic identification techniques every time it is taken from storage. The risk of mutations and contamination of these in-house collected cultures may lead to confusion. Microorganism can adapt to local conditions and no longer reflect the original isolate.

    Anatech Instruments supplies ready-to-use quality control microorganisms from Microbiologics®, who specialize in producing lyophilized QC microorganisms for use in the clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dietary supplement, food, water, environmental and educational industries.

    Globally, Microbiologics® offers the largest and most diverse line of ready-to-use quality control microorganisms, which are sourced from the world’s leading culture collections, packaged in convenient and valuable formats and expediently delivered throughout the world. These microorganisms come in either a qualitative or a quantitative strain. The prepared strains come with the following certification and accreditation, the highest in the industry:

    1. CE MARK – Declaration of conformity to the European Union safety, health and environmental standards of directive.

    2. FDA Conformity

    3. ATCC Licenced manufacturer

    4. ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 34

    5. COA’s with full traceability

    In today’s market, a company’s reputation is largely reliant on the quality of its products. Poor microbiological quality control can lead to a company suffering significant damage, not only in the short term but also in the long term to regain customer confidence. The use of the QC microorganisms from Microbiologics® can eliminate the occurrence of such events, when used in conjunction with trained personnel, GLP and GMP.

    *MicroBioLogics® is a registered trademark of MicroBioLogics, Inc. St. Cloud, MN

    Distinct formats of Microbiologics® product range.

    For more information on the QC organism from Microbiologics, please contact Hein Venter at

    011 462 – 6776/ 083 357 6141 or

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