• Phenotype MicroArray – From a single experiment . . . an entire cellular perspective

    09 March 2017

    pmm1Biolog’s Phenotype MicroArray™ for Mammalian Cells (PM-M) Technology represent the fourth major technology, “Phenomics”, alongside Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics that are needed in the genomic era. Just as the molecular assay technologies have made it possible to analyse gene transcript or protein or metabolite levels in the cell, Phenotype MicroArrays make it possible to quantitatively measure thousands of cellular phenotypes by analysing live cells in real time.
    pmm2Using Biolog’s PM-M Technology, any type of cell can be characterized for metabolically related phenotypes in over 1,000 assays in a simple, rapid, and cost-effective manner. By measuring a cell’s metabolic activity, including responses to a genetic alteration or chemical stimuli, this integrated system of cellular assays, instrumentation, and bioinformatics software reveals unique and insightful information on metabolic pathway activities, and cellular sensitivity to nutrients, hormones, cytokines, anti-cancer agents and ions. By measuring energy output of cells, the technology also provides new assays for understanding mitochondrial function and toxicity.
    pmm3Together with our fully integrated OmniLog instrumentation and software, this
    high-throughput screening platform analyses cells under thousands of culture conditions, providing an unbiased way of looking at the effect on cells of genetic differences, environmental change, exposure to drugs, and more. Whether you use the technology for fingerprinting or discovery, every cell-line yields a unique profile that can put a fresh cellular-based perspective on your research.
    Make sense of your DNA Microarray and Proteomic data by adding complementary information on thousands of cellular phenotypes.
    pmm4Phenotype MicroArrays are a proven method of cellular screening that is beneficial in a wide range of research applications:
    • Genotype/phenotype studies
    • Cell line characterization and QC
    • Cellular metabolism, metabolic disorders, nutrition
    • Cell energetics growth and death
    • Hormone effects on cells
    • Metabolic reprogramming in cancer, Warburg effect, anti-cancer drug sensitivity
    • Mitochondrial toxicology in chemical/drug screens
    • Stem cells and differentiation
    • Cell line and bioprocess development
    pmm6Phenotype MicroArrays are preconfigured sets of phenotypic tests deployed on Micro Plate panels. Each well of the array is designed to test a different phenotype after inoculation with a standardized cell suspension, allowing simultaneous testing of thousands of phenotypes in a single experiment. Phenotype MicroArrays use Biolog’s patented redox technology, to measure cell energy (NADH) production as a universal reporter. If the phenotype is strongly “positive” in a well, the cells actively generate energy and reduce a tetrazolium dye, forming a strong colour. If it is weakly positive or negative, energy production is slowed or stopped, and less colour or no colour is formed.
    The following Assay Plates with pre-configure substrates are available:

    • Carbon Energy & Nitrogen Substrates: 367 metabolic substrates.
    • Hormones: 45 different hormones each at six different concentrations
    • Trace Elements: 22 different ions/cofactors each at four different concentrations
    • Anti-Cancer Chemosensitivity: 92 anti-cancer agents each at four different concentrations
    • Mitochondrial Toxicity: 8 carbon-energy substrates (associated with diverse pathways, e.g. hexose, pentose, etc.) to distinguish different aspects of mitochondrial activity/dysregulation in the context of chemical/drug screens

    For more information on the Biolog product range, please contact Hein Venter at 011 462 6776 or

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