• Pathogen Testing Solutions

    09 March 2017

    In a fast paced pathogen screening environment it is critical to process samples efficiently, thus allowing the production facility to make decisions such as release product, reduce inventory, or take prompt corrective actions when necessary. As sample volumes can fluctuate unpredictably the lab must also have the flexibility to cope with varying demands, maximizing throughput whilst minimizing wasted resources.
    Solus Scientific provides proven testing systems that have already been adopted by many international food testing laboratories and food producers. Committed to food safety excellence, Solus have developed a range of pathogen testing solutions that bring significant productivity benefits to a food safety testing environment.
    Solus pathogen testing solutions are highly efficient assays for the detection of Salmonella, Listeria Spp. or E.coli 0157 in food and environmental samples. Optimized selective media, ready to use immunoassay reagent kits containing pre-coated 96 well plates and DS2 instrumentation with dedicated software protocols minimise the technician hands on time required to process multiple samples. One instrument can deliver up to 192 results in one run and up to 500 results per 8 hour shift. Furthermore the DS2 instrument runs unattended once the assay has started, simply load your samples and return in 2 hours to view the results.
    Solus pathogen testing solutions are simple to implement. The DS2 fits easily into an existing workflow with a small bench footprint, bar code sample ID entry and electronic transfer of results to LIMS. A single pathogen detection protocol is utilised regardless of the food matrix being tested.
    Independent AFNOR and AOAC validation data demonstrates that the Solus  assays have high levels of sensitivity and specificity.
    Visit to learn more. Solus Scientific products are available via Anatech Instruments in South Africa.
    For more information on the Solus product range, please contact Hein Venter at 011 462–6776 or

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