• Karl-Fischer titration made safe and easy

    09 March 2017

    Water content can affect quality, texture, shelf life, chemical stability and reactivity of various products. Karl Fischer titration is a universally accepted method for measuring water content in all types of substances, including chemicals, oils, pharmaceuticals and food.
    Anatech Instruments are now the supplier of the innovative, world leading HYDRANAL ® range from Honeywell, previous sold by Sigma Aldrich.
    The HYDRANAL ® product line includes the following reagents

    • HYDRANAL-Composite
    • HYDRANAL-Solvent/Titrant
    • HYDRANAL-Coulomat
    • HYDRANAL-Coulomat Oil
    • HYDRANAL-Methanol Rapid
    • HYDRANAL-K Types
    • HYDRANAL-E Types
    • HYDRANAL-Water Standards

    HYDRANAL ® reagents are pyridine free and safe to use compared to other available reagents on the market, giving accurate results without the unpleasant odour and toxicity. The HYDRANAL ®E type reagents are ethanol based rather than methanol allowing safer Karl Fisher titration.
    HYDRANAL One-Component reagents has unlimited water capacity with a long shelf-life. It contains all the reactants including iodine, sulfur dioxide, and the bases imidazole and 2-methylimidazole, dissolved in diethyleneglycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE). Using 2-methylimidazole in addition to imidazole improves the stability and eliminates the formation of crystals which can interfere with the titrators performance.
    The Two-Component reagents have a higher titration speed, greater accuracy and a higher buffer capacity. The reagents are separated in two solutions: the solvent and the titrant. HYDRANAL Solvent is a solution of sulfur dioxide and imidazole in methanol. HYDRANAL-Titrant contains a solution of iodine with a precisely defined concentration.
    Performing Coulometic Karl Fisher titrations normally require two reagent solutions: An anolyte (the solution in the anodic compartment) and a catholyte (the solution in the cathodic compartment). HYDRANAL-Coulomat A type reagents are used as anolyte. They contain iodide and a sulfur dioxide/imidazole buff er in suitable solvents. HYDRANAL-Coulomat CG reagents are used as catholytes. HYDRANAL-Coulomat E is used as both anolyte and catholyte.
    Water standards are necessary to check and control reagents, verify the reliability of titrations and to test instruments according to the requirements of ISO, GMP, GLP and FDA guidelines. Karl Fischer titrators are measuring or test instruments and therefore must be calibrated on a regular basis as part of an ongoing quality assurance program. HYDRANAL-Water Standards are standards for volumetric or coulometric determinations .They are delivered with a Certificate of Analysis with the exact water content and packaged in glass ampoules under argon. The standards have a long shelf life and are traceable to NIST SRM 2890.
    With the inclusion of Fluka™ into Honeywell Research Chemicals, Hydranal has become an important part of the overall product portfolio. Hydranal reagents and water standards have always been developed and produced at Honeywell’s plant in Seelze, Germany, meaning you can be sure to enjoy the same composition, quality, service and technical support you always have.
    For more information on the Hydranal® Product Portfolio, please contact Marinda Engelbrecht at 011 462–6776/081 768 2338, or .

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