• Fast and efficient quality monitoring for breweries

    Fast and efficient quality monitoring for breweries
    06 May 2019

    The Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Beermaster Discrete Analyser is a fast bench top system dedicated for the analysis of beer, cider, malt and wort. Using discrete cell technology, the Gallery™ Plus Beermaster simultaneously automates the determination of analytes including beta-glucan, FAN, and SO2 from the same sample enabling fast turnaround and expansion of your lab’s analytical capabilities. The Beermaster also includes a Bitterness Column Module (BCM) which enables unique automated pre-treatment and measurement for bitterness.

    The Gallery™ Plus Beermaster can accommodate 180 samples and 42 reagents in its separated sample and reagent disks, with the capacity to perform up to 350 tests/hour and approximately 8 bitterness tests/hour with the BCM. It also allows continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interruption of routine workflow. All analysis steps are automated, as well as dilutions and repeat analysis, with minimal sample pre-treatment required.

    Robust capability & versatility
    The Beermaster provides a wide concentration range measurement, with excellent reproducibility and analyte detection limits to ppb levels. User-specific applications can be set up, adding to the versatility of the 20+ existing methods for beer and wort analysis.

    Sample identification is automated by a barcode reader. Automatic start up and shutdown protocols and the intuitive graphic user-interface makes this discrete analyser easy-to-use. The system also accommodates a variety of sample cups and primary tubes. Easy-to-learn protocols are available for analysis of Beta-Glucan (High MW), Beta-Glucan Standard, NOPA Standard, pH (colorimetric), SO2 Free, SO2 Total and Total Protein (Biuret).

    Time and cost saving
    There is no need for an external source of water and system reagents eliminates the need for reagent preparation. The unique low volume cuvette design provides less reagent wastage, guarantee cost efficient testing and the disposable nature of the cuvettes prevent contamination of samples.

    Thermo Scientific System Reagents

    Acetaldehyde D-Glucose pH (colorimetric)
    Acetic Acid D-Glucose + D-Fructose Total Polyphenol*
    Alpha-Amino Nitrogen (NOPA) D-Glucose + D-Fructose + Sucrose Total Protein (Biuret)
    Ammonia Glycerol SO2
    Beta-Glucan Total Iron Sucrose (Total Glucose)
    Bitterness D-Lactic Acid For sample colour:
    Calcium L-Lactic Acid 430 nm filter
    Citric Acid Magnesium
    Ethanol Low L-Malic Acid
    D-Fructose Oxalic Acid

    *non-system reagent

    Beer bittering substances can be extracted from interfering compounds in the sample matrix prior to photometric analysis. One sample measurement takes 10 minutes, releasing valuable hands-on time compared to manual or semi-automated methods. In a typical workload when several samples are measured, a bitterness result is reported every 7 minutes.

    Greater efficiency in quality monitoring
    Various colorimetric tests can be run simultaneously and the unique automated pre-treatment as well as measurement for bitterness increase efficiency.

    Compliance and confidence
    The Gallery Plus Beermaster uses colorimetric tests according to international reference methods like ASBC, EBC and MEBAK. The methods used for beer, wort and malt analysis are well known enzymatic and colorimetric chemistries, ensuring confidence in the quality of results.

    For more information on the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Beermaster please contact Maxime Chalmers van den Berg on 011 462 6776 or

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