• Anatech Instruments awarded Honeywell Hydranal® and Fluka® distribution

    09 March 2017

    Anatech Instruments is proud to announce that they have been awarded the distributorship of the Hydranal® and Fluka® range from Honeywell. Anatech Instruments has been supplying the laboratory industry for more than 3 decades with premium quality products and solution.
    As part of the acquisition of Sigma Aldrich by Merck, the European Commission ruled that the acquisition could lead to unfair competition in certain areas, and thus Sigma Aldrich had to sell of its portfolio in order to proceed with the merge. Selected product ranges were then bought by Honeywell from the Sigma Aldrich Portfolio.
    The extended Honeywell Portfolio with the acquired product lines from Sigma Aldrich will be available through Anatech from the 1st of December 2016, and will include the following ranges:

    • Fluka® chemicals and reagents used for biochemical research and other chemical and pharmaceutical applications.
    • Hydranal® Karl Fischer titration reagents used by laboratories to measure moisture content in liquids and solids.
    • Chromasolv® high-purity solvents for chromatography, a technique used to separate and analyze complex mixtures.
    • Riedel-de Haën® high-quality research chemicals used in pharmaceutical production and bioscience.
    • Burdick & Jackson® high-purity solvents, reagents and chromatography products for laboratories and pharmaceutical production.

    This addition to Anatech’s extensive range of premium products will allow them to offer laboratory customers a more complete product line which builds on their already strong portfolio of Burdick & Jackson® high-purity solvents.
    For more information on they Honeywell Product Portfolio, please contact Marinda Engelbrecht at 011 462 6776/081 768 2338, or

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