Anatech Instruments is a South African company, incorporated in 1982.

Initially established with a Separation Sciences focus, Anatech has significantly grown its product range and today successfully covers 8 primary sectors, namely:

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  • 24Oct

    NEW 1200 GenoLyte® Homogeniser and...

    Powerful, Compact, Multipurpose Homogeniser   The 1200 GenoLyte® is the ideal solution for applications involving sample preparation for DNA/RNA and protein extractions. It is specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, cell lysis and tissue homogenization...

  • 28Aug

    Solving the mystery of Cannabis

    Solving the mystery of Cannabis with Anatech and Thermo Scientific’s ULTRA High-Resolution Accurate-Mass MS Systems. For more information please contact 011 462 6776 or sales@anatech.co.za

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