Anatech Instruments is a South African company, incorporated in 1982.

Initially established with a Separation Sciences focus, Anatech has significantly grown its product range and today successfully covers 8 primary sectors, namely:

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Industry News
  • 09Sep

    Food And Beverage

    Carbohydrate Analysis by IC and HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is an important tool to identify and quantify carbohydrates in food and beverage samples, providing key metrics of product quality and related properties, contamination,...

  • 09Sep

    Column Genie HPLC Column Selection...

    Get the best of your separations by selecting the right Thermo Scientific HPLC column for your application. Download the latest HPLC column selector app for access to Column Genie–the HPLC column selection tool for your...

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